After 14 hours of travel, my jet lagged self has finally made it to Paderno Del Grappa, Italy. Located just north of Venice near Italian mountain ranges, I will be studying abroad here through CIMBA for an entire month. As soon as we pulled up to campus, my breath was taken away. From the awe inspiring mountains in our backyard to the beautiful small town Italian countryside, I am astounded at how beautiful it truly is here. I have not even had the chance to visit Italy’s more famous cities such as Rome or Florence, and yet I am already in love with this amazing country.

Today was an extremely long day, and I am fighting to stay awake due to the time change. After getting unpacked and all settled in, we were able to explore the surrounding town as well as the campus. It is so different here, it is almost indescribable. But as the days turn into weeks, I will do my best to describe just how wonderful this place really is.

That’s all for my first post, I am so excited for the coming weeks and can’t wait to share about it with you!


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